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Complementary Birth Complementary Birth
Complementary Birth

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Complementary Birth

Complementary birth believes that every woman has the right to experience a positive pregnancy, labour and birth. An empowered birth can have long lasting positive physical and psychological health benefits for child bearing women and their families.

We also believe that each woman should be treated as an individual, which is why we offer tailor made packages to meet individual needs.

Complementary Birth

Complementary birth acknowledges the importance of antenatal preparation and education in order to adequately prepare you for labour, birth and becoming a parent.

Courses start as early as prior to conception. These classes will help to promote optimal health and wellbeing in order to increase your chances of becoming pregnant. Other classes throughout your pregnancy will enable you to maintain a healthy pregnancy, and give you information in order to assist you making choices and decisions about your labour and birth preferences. Our dedicated Parent Education programme focuses on labour and birth, and how to maximise the chances of having a normal, unassisted, positive birth experience. Courses include practical elements including teaching massage techniques, and other ways to help you manage your labour and birth. You can undertake classes as part of a group workshop, or privately in your own home. It is up to you.

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Complementary Birth Complementary Birth Complementary Birth