Complementary Birth Complementary Birth Complementary Birth
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Complementary Birth Complementary Birth
Complementary Birth

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Complementary Birth
  • Ensure you have everything ready whether you are having a home or hospital birth. If using a birth pool at home make sure you know how to fill and empty it and that you have enough hot water available. You will also need a plentiful supply of towels

  • For hospital births it's a good idea to have information on parking and directions to the labour ward before your partner is in labour. Many hospitals offer tours of the unit, so contact them to make arrangements

  • Save the hospitals telephone number on your phone so you have easy access to it.

  • Ensure you have plenty of snacks for your partner and for you. Some partners pack a small bag for themselves with essentials. High energy foods are really good for you and your partner. For example, cereal bars, chocolate, dried fruit, and isotonic energy drinks.

  • Go through the birth plan with your partner so you know what her wishes for labour are. This will help you to act as her advocate if needed. It is also an opportunity to talk about any situation that may change the plan. Things to consider are methods of monitoring and pain relief.

  • Being a birth partner is also about supporting your baby which can be done throughout pregnancy. Our preparation for labour and preparation for parenthood classes are an excellent way to learn how to bond with your baby right from pregnancy.
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Complementary Birth Complementary Birth Complementary Birth