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Complementary Birth Complementary Birth
Complementary Birth

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Complementary Birth
  • It is always recommended for mothers to initiate skin to skin immediately following birth, for at least an hour, or until baby has had his/her first feed. The benefits of skin contact are that it regulates baby's heart rate and breathing, promotes bonding, and helps promote early breastfeeding. Sometimes it may not be possible for mothers to initiate skin to skin immediately after birth. If this happens then your baby will receive most of the benefits from skin to skin contact with you (apart from being able to breastfeed of course). Ensure that your baby's skin is directly next to yours and that your babies exposed skin is covered with a blanket. Many hospitals also apply a hat to keep baby warm.

  • Get involved with nappy changes and bath time. This will help you to get to know your baby and also help your partner get some rest.

  • Ensure you have time with your baby just for playtime. Even young babies like to mimic their parents and will respond if you stick your tongue out at them. Reading stories and singing nursery rhymes are also fun for baby.

  • Take the maximum amount of paternity leave available to have uninterrupted time as a family. The first few days of your baby's life are life changing for the whole family.

  • Have time during the day to have alone time with your baby. This can be an activity which your baby enjoys such as swimming or movement and music class or bath time for baby. This will help you to feel connected to your baby and give you some one to one time.

  • Your partner also needs help and support after your baby's birth. Some women are up and about soon after birth whilst others will need extra time to recover, especially if they have had an operative delivery. You can help by controlling the amount of visitors to allow her time to rest when the baby is sleeping. Some couples have a set time for visitors to stop a constant flow throughout the day.

  • Consider cooking and freezing food before the birth so that you don't have to worry about cooking during the first few days.

Our preparation for parenthood classes are an excellent way to prepare you for after your baby is born

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Complementary Birth Complementary Birth Complementary Birth